Roberto has made a lovely Breakfast Casserole for Brunch today! It’s got 4 Cheeses in it!!!!!! Description in yesterday’s post!

Roberto made a delicious Breakfast Casserole today, bacon, broccoli and 3 cheese, $12.75

I know we're all doing low-carb, gluten-free, soybeans and kale only diets, but sometimes it's good to feed the soul as well as the body. One of my favorite indulgences at A Taste of Heaven is the Peaches and Cream French Toast. The homemade brioche French toast just melts in your mouth, and the fresh peach compote is perfectly seasoned with orange, nutmeg and clove, then served with a mound of our homemade vanilla bean whipped cream. $12.75

A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Cafe

4 days 21 hours ago

My good friend, Carol Menning taught me more things than pretty much anyone else I know. Once, about 20 years ago, on a very busy Valentine's Day, Carol called and said "Call your mother today!" I said I would, but I was terribly busy, but she repeated "I'm serious here. Call her today! Remember, your mom is your 1st Valentine!"

Share something wonderful, smart, funny or mundane that you mom shared with you that you repeat, or are a part of you today. One I just thought of, maybe my favorite phrase from Mom, is "Let me tell you how to live your life, since I've made such a brilliant success of mine!"

Jordi Blythe, Jade Diaz, Jean, Cindy, Ellen? I bet you all have a few!