A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Cafe

2 days 11 hours ago

Congratulations to Heather and Grace who celebrated their 10 year anniversary with us for Monday Brunch! What an honor for us to celebrate with you both! Many, many more!

A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Cafe

2 days 14 hours ago

Elise has finally convinced Paul that cake is the breakfast of champions. I agree.

Elise is the one who provides us with a LOT of out photos, and we love her for that.

โ€˜Tis the season of fresh foods, and the best of the summer is fruit! So weโ€™re offering fresh made today fruit salads in three sizes:
Plate: $9.75
Bowl: $7.25
Side cup: $3.75

Someone loves our Delores Jimenez very much! She was so surprised today when these gorgeous roses were delivered to her, along with some chocolates! I tell you, some girls have all the luck! ๐Ÿ˜˜