A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Cafe

47 minutes 15 seconds ago

“These are a weakness for me: hazelnut-almond shortbread, flavored with lemon, cinnamon and clove, layered with raspberry jam.”

Now, that’s what Dan wrote about these cookies. This is his sister Chris here to tell you that these cookies are such a fabulous marriage of textures and flavors that just one could change your whole outlook for the day. The buttery cookies have toasted almonds and hazelnuts size, and they contrast nicely with the sweet jammy filling Dan makes right here. You taste the subtle hint of the citrus and spices and...well let’s just say it can reset a day.

A few years back, my gorgeous niece Sarah, asked me to make her cookies for the family cookies exchange. She needed 12 dozen, and specified she wanted cranberry-white chocolate oatmeal cookies. I substituted dried cherries for the cranberries, and now it’s our biggest selling cookie. For our our cookie trays this year, we’ve bought back the classic cranberry variety. The contrast between the tart cranberries and the creamy white chocolate is perfect.

Look, look! Desserts just waiting to go home with you!

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