Let’s celebrate the FINAL emancipation of slaves in America! Juneteenth should be a national holiday!

Most of us don’t remember it, so here’s a 1 minute reminder you can watch from “Blackish” on ABC:

A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Cafe

3 days 11 hours ago

I don’t talk much about my father. He lived with a debilitating health conditioning that made him absent most of my childhood, and, since my mother was most present and almost always the sole breadwinner, I often say that she was a single parent.

This is a terrible disservice to my father, and I hope he forgives me.

Today, I realize because of his kindness, compassion, nurturing and appreciation of beauty, things that are frequently attributed as feminine, my father taught me that to be a “real” man, a true man, was to balance qualities that are both “masculine” and “feminine”. As a result, tho I never realized it as fully as I do now, I am very much my father’s child, as much as I am my mother’s.

I’ll continue to think of my father daily, just as I always have, but with greater appreciation of these things he gave me that I never attributed to him before. Thank you, so much, Dad. I so wish I said it sooner.

A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Cafe

3 days 15 hours ago

A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Cafe

4 days 16 hours ago

This is no way to start your day! We all need a delicious AND hearty brunch to start the day! Come in and get a REAL breakfast!